Videoopods, a smart video library that allows you to organize views by profile, perform advanced searches to easily find help. It also allows defining workflows for the organization of training programs. This product is implemented hand in hand with a service to create new videos and adapt existing ones, in a short video format, with very specific content and techniques to fix knowledge.

Did you know?
The consumption of video tutorials increases exponentially year after year. The current rhythm and the preferences of the younger generations make video the most popular format, clearer and more effective when searching for information. These figures of demonstrates this:
42.1 BILLION video tutorial views on YouTube in 2018.

27.4 BILLION tutorial video views on Facebook in 2018

The videos can be viewed from any platform and mobile device, allowing people to access training and find the support they need anytime, anywhere.

All videos are indexed, which allows you to find the appropriate material quickly and easily. These videos can be ranked to contribute to the metrics and the order of the results for future searches.

Each user can also organize their favorite videos for quick access.

Did you know?
According to Forrester Research, 75% of their own employees would rather watch a TRAINING VIDEO than read printed material, emails, or text content on the web.

The video allows to implement multiple techniques to fix the knowledge. In a few minutes, and thanks to the combination of audio, image and text, concepts that would take several pages in a graphic medium can be transmitted.

At Dalca we create content and translate it into videos using different techniques: interviews, filming of procedures or explanations, animation, storytelling, screenshots. Role play. We can also work with existing content, to make it as effective as possible.


VIDEOPODS measures everything. Usage metrics per user. Alerts and reminders. Metrics of the most used and positively valued material. Alerts due to content expiration.


It is proven that, in less than a week, more than 50% of what is learned in traditional training is forgotten. And more than 90% after 6 months! Videoopods allows you to reinforce knowledge at the moment it is really needed, which is usually long after taking the initial course. The videos can be watched again as many times as necessary, under an on-demand training strategy.


In addition to considerably reducing training costs, with a video training strategy you will achieve a better penetration of knowledge that translates into both employee and customer satisfaction.