In a nutshell, Sales Enablement is the practice for your salespeople to sell MORE, FASTER and BIGGER CONTRACTS (More, Faster and Bigger!). Through the definition of strategies and the implementation of tactics – such as sales tools more aligned to the sales cycle, sales training, playbooks, methodologies, among others – the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales force is sought.

Until recently, the term was not widely known. Today, there are more than 100,000 professionals with the title of Sales Enablement, and the majority at the executive level. Why? Because it works. Because Because it allows you to increase sales and achieve significant operating savings. The main consultants worldwide already have a practice dedicated to Sales Enablement. And many companies already have a budget assigned to this item.

Why? Because your vendors need to be better equipped. They need to have all the necessary weapons to win. That is what Sales Enablement is all about, implementing strategies and tools aligned with the sales cycle and the customer’s purchase process. In this way, the seller or partner does not have to improvise or waste time looking for or generating the content that the client needs. Businesses move faster. The seller’s actions are closer to the company’s strategy, leaving less room for their own creativity. This translates into greater adoption of best practices and the techniques that work to sell more and faster.

These are the most common and baseline goals and metrics:

  • Rep Onboarding: how quickly can a new salesperson be trained to be able to assign him a full quota and have the possibility of meeting his objectives?
  • Efficiency: how to equip the seller to spend more time selling? Current surveys show that only 35-40% of a salesperson’s time is actually spent selling with customers.
  • Continuing Education: ensuring salespeople know and understand the products, solutions, and messages and strategies
  • Reduction or Acceleration of the sales cycle: techniques, content and best practices that allow the seller to respond more quickly to the customer, provide quality and accurate content and responses, and learn from successful sellers.
  • Content: One of the main complaints from sellers is that they do not have the material or tools they need to sell. And the time spent on research or finding the person who can give us the reference case or the information you need is a lot.

Because you can increase profits and reduce costs at the same time. Effectiveness. Focus. Efficiency.

The implementation of sales enablement strategies and tactics can be complex and expensive. At Dalca we specialize in putting together a long-term roadmap that is quick to implement and has quick results.

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